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What sets us apart

What sets us apart (Enlarge)

Your name says a lot about you. And in our case our name encapsulates the essence of our work.

As our name states, at ADAM Teva V’Din (MAN, Nature and Law) we put the people, our children, families and communities, at the forefront of our agendas. We are here to protect YOU and to ensure that you live in and enjoy a safe, healthy and clean environment.

At Adam Teva V’Din, we understand and appreciate the complex reality in which the 21st century has created a new breed- the urbanite, whose well-being, health and quality of life are largely defined by his urban surroundings. We are therefore committed to tackle the environmental threats, metropolitan menaces and hazards which foreshadow our urban existence by legal, scientific and legislative means.

We strive to redefine and strengthen our connection to the land of Israel. It is a connection not only defined in terms of security and defense and economic growth and independence but is intrinsically intertwined with advocating and investing in a sustainable environmental future for our children, grandchildren and future generations to come.  


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