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Our mission

We use the power of the law, science and advocacy to protect Israel’s environment & public health.

Adam Teva V'Din has come a long way in 24 years.


In 1991, we were a typical Israeli start-up venture: A small and idealist crew of U.S. immigrants with a modest budget of $12,000 and the ardent belief that environmental advocacy is the foundation for environmental protection.


In 2014, Adam Teva V'Din is a household name, acknowledged by government officials, lawmakers, municipalities, business stakeholders, philanthropic partners and the Israeli public as a legislative innovator, a reliable scientific resource, and the force behind most of Israel's environmental milestones. 


And our mission remains the same: To use the power of law, science and advocacy to protect Israel's environment and public health.


To fulfill our mission, our team of experienced attorneys, scientists and urban planners work across numerous platforms:

  • The courts:  We use our special standing under environmental laws to represent the public in the courts, from local administrative courts to the High Court of Justice.
  • The Knesset:  We appear weekly before parliamentary committees to present our professional legal/scientific reports as a basis for new legislative bills and policy measures.
  • The business sector:  We work closely with a large number of commercial stakeholders so that we can ensure that our legislative proposals are rooted in practicable solutions and frameworks.
  • Municipalities and local authorities:  We expect local government and planning boards to implement regulations and uphold standards to reduce local environmental problems, while working together on implementation of new recycling operations, etc.
  • In the community:  We provide the public with accessible and understandable information on environmental concerns which directly affect their lives. Moreover, we offer our legal and scientific advocacy skills to help minority groups and disadvantaged communities secure better environmental conditions in their neighborhoods.
  • In the media: We use our high media profile to call attention to our environmental agenda in the printed and electronic press, while encouraging public involvement in environmental issues through our web site, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Israel's environment, economy and political climate have all changed greatly since our start-up days: New environmental stresses emerge daily and long-standing inadequacies in environmental legislation must be corrected and updated.


What hasn't changed is Adam Teva V'Din's dedication to using the law, science and advocacy to protect Israel's environment and public health.


We are still here, working hard to achieve our vision and we thank you for being with us all the way.

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