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The value of old friends

We all like a good love story. And if it’s spiced up with a tale of true friendship, then we’re definitely hooked.


Well, the story of Joe and Diana Kotzin and Adam Teva V’Din is a combination of the two.


A special meeting: Joe & Diana Kotzin with Amit Bracha and Keren Halperin-Musseri


Joe, one of our oldest friends and most veteran donors from Los Angeles, recently remarried his university study buddy, Diana, after 45 years. The heartwarming story of their courtship  is a real-life version of ‘When Harry met Sally’ and is a remarkable tribute to rekindled friendships.


Our friendship with Joe began over 20 years ago. As an experienced volunteer in the California community, he saw an opportunity to support an organization which embodied his dedication to Israel’s environment and his American style of activism.


When the newlywed couple decided to visit Israel for the first time, they had a jam-packed schedule ahead of them. Visiting old friends at Adam Teva V’Din was a must-see stop on their itinerary.


We were honored to finally meet such a warm, open and knowledgeable couple who has been by our side every step of the way.


Old friends make up the story of our lives - they understand your past and believe in your future. We are truly honored to have friends like you.


True friends: Joe & Diana Kotzin

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