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Congressman comes to visit

Congressman Henry Waxman recently announced his retirement after serving for 40 years as a leading environmental lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Waxman is a long time honorary Friend of Adam Teva V’Din who has been our mentor for years and has generously shared with us his experience and insights.


Following in his footsteps: Congressman Henry Waxman with Adam Teva V'Din team

At a meeting in Tel Aviv, he met with members of our professional staff to discuss some of the burning issues of the day, including legislative problems relating to the energy economy pesticides and chemicals.

“Henry Waxman is a true American environmental hero,” say Philip Warburg, President of our American Friends Association.  “Along with building some of our strongest, most enduring environmental laws, he has brought much-needed vision to the U.S. Congress and to public dialogue about the overarching environmental issues of our time.  At key points, he has shared that vision with Adam Teva V’Din advocates during his visits to Israel”. 

Adam Teva V’Din followed in his footsteps and successfully secured Israel’s historic Clean Air Act six years ago.

“We truly look up to Henry Waxman and work hard to emulate his achievements and his approach,” says Amit Bracha, Executive Director. “Today, his remarkable legacy and determination continue to inspire us to ensure that Israel adopts many more of the laws he was instrumental in promoting. While others speak out against environmental problems, Henry demands action and has dedicated his career to finding practical solutions. I know from experience that this is not easy, a lawmaker’s job never is. But, Henry has taught us that despite the numerous obstacles, we can make a real difference in the lives of Israelis if we continue to have the right people in our corner, push hard on the issues we support and stay true to our convictions.    

We are grateful to have the opportunity to learn from his knowledge, passion and extraordinary accomplishments and wish him every success for the next exciting stage of his life and career”.

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