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The Dead Sea

The good news:    


The Dead Sea is a unqiue natural resource with a beautiful landscape, diverse ecology and reputed healing properties. 


The Dead Sea is a valuable economic resource on which the state earned $100 million in royalties in 2012 on minerals extracted by Dead Sea Works, a major player in the global fertilizer market.



And the bad news?   Water levels drop every year by at least one meter and shoreline sinkholes open regularly.  There is measurable damage to the fragile Dead Sea ecosystem.  Underpayment of billions of shekels in royalties and taxes has brought the treasury and Dead Sea Works into an arbitration process


At Adam Teva V'Din we are challenging these environmental and economic stewardship shortcomings of the government by representing the public interest before an independent commission on the value of natural resources.


We are also pressing the Water Authority to introduce oversight measures to ensure Dead Sea Works' compliance with water extraction permits and that changes are made in order to correct the imbalance of water extracted vs water replenished. 


And in a recent lawsuit, we are demanding transparency and accountability around the Treasury's assessment of royalties and taxes payable by Dead Sea Works on extraction of minerals (potash and bromines).


Watch this space for updates.


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