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Building waste


Building waste is a valuable and reusable resource. Bricks, metals, concrete, wires and plastics left over from new construction or debris from demolition can be reused as aggregates in new buildings and roads.


Reuse and recycling of building waste is good for the environment and for the economy.   


Israel produces 4 million tons of building waste every year:

·         1 million tons go to landfills,

·         1 million tons reused as aggregate material for the building industry,

·         2 million tons are dumped illegally on empty lots in our towns and in fields and open spaces.


We are working with municipal stakeholders for the introduction of new regulations empowering local authorities to take on collection and transfer of building waste for reuse and recovery.

Adoption of the regulations is currently on hold due to a dispute between government agencies. The Environmental Protection Ministry wants municipalities to take on building waste recycling, not just collection and transfer.

We say it's best to set up the collection and oversight mechanisms first.


Our municipal partners agree with us; together we are pressing for early settlement of the dispute so that recovery, reuse and recycling of building waste can get underway nationwide. 


Gilad Ostrovsky, head of solid waste & recycling, talks about leading the recycling revolution


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