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Leading the recycling revolution

Gilad Ostrovsky is extraordinarily proud of the recycling laws and slew of amendments and regulations initiated by Adam Teva V'Din.


"The Packaging Reduction Law and Electronic Waste Law are progressive and ambitious and they lay the fiscal onus of recycling on manufacturers, importers and retailers." 


Thanks to the frameworks drafted and promoted by Adam Teva V'Din, businesses are setting up corporations for collecting different types of wastes. 


 "The Ministry of Environmental Protection has provided local authorities with the start-up funds and ongoing incentives necessary to implement the laws through innovative separation and collection operations."


But it wasn’t always this way. 


 "When we first started out, recycling was a hard sell.  Manufacturers were set against any additional regulations.  Municipalities were overwhelmed at the prospect of complicated solid waste management system, and householders were generally skeptical," recalls Ostrovsky.  


By producing a comprehensive legal framework to aid government to implement a recycling revolution, we enabled  the Environment Ministry and the businesses and local authorities to make the massive turnaround.  


 "Without the groundwork we put in over the last decade, none of this would be happening. Israel is now well on its way to being a zero waste economy."

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