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Recycling provides optimal environmental & economic solutions to the disposal of solid waste in Israel.


For the last decade, Adam Teva V'Din has been the primary driver of Israel's move away from land-filling and towards a modern recycling economy.


Leading Israel's recycling revolution in 5 phases:



Over 600 million beverage containers have been diverted to recycling. And over 40 local authorities and hundreds of thousands of Israelis are participating in 'separation at source' schemes that send organic waste such as agricultural compost, and paper, cartons and other containers to recycling facilities. Thousands of new jobs have been created in the burgeoning recycling economy.


Adam Teva V’Din’s advocacy has led to a series of innovative producer responsibility laws:

  • Vehicle tire law (2007)
  • Bottle deposit amendments (2011)
  • Packaging waste law (2011)
  • Electronic waste law (2012)
  • Building waste law (pending)

Our leadership role continues as we monitor the crucial early implementation stage of producer responsibility.


We are currently focusing on two main challenges:


Commercial organic waste (read more)




“The most rewarding aspect of working on recycling is to see the positive power of collaboration with businesses and local authorities. 

Adam Teva V'Din has used stakeholder forums to bring together people with conflicting interests and worldviews to find solutions that work for everyone's good. By bringing the main players together, we have been able to advocate for innovative legislation that provides workable solutions. 

Recycling today is going on all over the country – and we will ensure that momentum is maintained so all Israelis can benefit.”


-Gilad Ostrovsky
Environmental scientist

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