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The people of the Negev need you now

Over a decade ago, thirteen Bedouin villages in the Negev were recognized by the State.
But as you drive along the bumpy dirt roads, lined with rubble and garbage, leading to the villages, it's obvious that the upgrade in status is on paper only. The State has not yet provided these citizens with basic infrastructure and services such as electricity, running water, sewage and waste disposal systems.

"It is in the Negev that the people of Israel will be tested" - Ben Gurion

According to the Jewish and democratic value of Tzedek-Justice, these citizens are entitled to basic sanitation and infrastructure essential to maintaining healthy communities.
We recently met with village representatives in the Negev to find solutions to the villages' lack of access to electricity, running water, sewage and waste disposal systems.


Our urban planner and senior attorney check maps for infrastructure options

Salame's story

In the village of Umm Batin, 20 minutes outside of Beer Sheba, Salame sits on the bare concrete floor and tells our team about the stark conditions in his village.
"In practice, our living conditions are just as bad as the unrecognized villages around us. Only the local schools have electricity. If we want power at home, we have to install solar panels at our own expense. The Hebron River, which runs through the heart of the village, reeks from pollution and sewage. Where are the municipal services we were promised? We're not asking for much."


Salame installed solar panels at his own expense in otder to produce power at home

The heavily polluted Hebron River flows through the heart of Umm Batin

The people of the Negev need you!
In the past we have worked with numerous Bedouin communities to improve their health and quality of life.

Today, Salame and representatives from other villages are our eyes and ears in the field. They are providing us with vital field evidence and testimonies which expose violations of their basic environmental rights. We will use this evidence as we file petitions against the State for failure to provide these citizens with electricity, running water, sewage and waste disposal systems.


Our attorneys examine the environmental conditions in Umm Batin

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