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People of the Sea


We all have treasured seaside memories on Israel's beautiful beaches.


Our staff shares some of their favorite childhood stories, anecdotes and memories of their youth. Your support means that our kids and grandkids will be able to create these memories too!

Share your childhood memories too!




"Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, hours away from the closest beach, my connection to the beach relied on family photo albums, home videos and seaside memories. The highlight of my year was our annual family beach vacation, when my family would excitedly pile into the car, crammed full of every beach accessory you can think of and make the six hour schlep to the coast. From the moment we dipped our toes in the sea, you couldn't get us out of there. My sister and I would collect seashells so that we'd have a taste of the seaside to last us until the next year.

- Hayley Shaham, Director of International Relations 




"When we were little, we went to the Sela Beach in Bat Yam every Saturday. We'd have a ritual: Buy 'malabi' and toffee apples from the kiosk on the way back to the car."
- Hagit Shamai, Environmental Scientist


"My first trip to the beach was in '91 - to the beach in Gaza, then one of the most beautiful beaches in the south. Ever since I keep drawing my energy and inspiration from the sea."
- Lina Glibovsky, Public Inquires Coordinator

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