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Defending Israel's carefully crafted coastline protections



Israel needs to uphold the public’s interest to benefit from its narrow coastline in order to maintain the balance between industrial, defense, commercial and public needs.


A series of legal and planning reforms threaten to rip apart Israel’s fundamental coastline protections.


If we don’t act now, there is a growing threat that our kids and grandkids will be forced to enjoy the beach through family photos and documentaries (and we aren’t being overly dramatic!).


Coastline protection in our in DNA, it is the cornerstone of our 'Ani Ma'amin'.

Read more about our work on coastline protection here. 


Defending Israel's carefully crafted coastline protections 


We filed a petition to the High Court of Justice to stop the approval of a new master plan for the country’s coastline (Tama 1) which will cancel the protected status of 3,200 acres (13,000 dunams) of beaches and leave them open for rezoning for construction.


The move is part of a process to replace existing master plans with new versions which drastically reduce the protections now in place for coastal areas.

The new master plan will:
1. Remove restrictions to build within 100 meters (300 feet) of the shoreline.
2. Remove the protected status of 3,200 acres (13,000 dunams) of beaches.
3. Allow the building of infrastructure projects all along the shoreline for the first time.


Adam Teva V’Din: Israel’s coastline protectors


For 25 years we have used our unique legal and planning expertise to protect Israel’s beaches. This is how we saved the Palmachim beach from development. This is how we stopped the expansion of the Carmel Beach Towers and other coastal threats.


Hundreds of beach-loving Israelis are pitching in!
In response to the rapidly unfolding events, we recently launched an emergency crowd-funding campaign for our Israeli supporters (Hebrew). Within a week, hundreds of committed Israelis helped us reached our goal! Israelis understand that their most loved recreational resource is in danger and have confidence in our ability to protect it for us all!

There's still time to donate! The work to protect Israel's coastline continues, because Israel's beaches are never saved - they are always being saved!

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