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Blaze in Haifa oil refinery: A wake up call


A massive blaze at Haifa Oil Refinery (Bazan) is yet another red flag that more needs to be done to protect the half a million residents living in the Haifa Bay. Pollution, leakage of dangerous gases, explosions and fires have plagued Haifa’s residents for decades. Enough is enough: Adam Teva V’Din demands immediate State Commission of Inquiry.

Scenes of thick black smoke again confronted the residents of Haifa only a month after the city was ravaged by a series of wildfires which destroyed hundreds of homes and caused 60,000 residents to evacuate.

However, unlike the waves of wildfires which hit the city in early December, the blaze which broke out in a fuel storage tank at the Oil Refineries Ltd. (BAZAN) in Haifa is the latest in a 15-year series of environmental hazards, malfunctions and negligence which severely threaten the health, safety, environment and quality of life of over half a million residents in the Haifa Bay.

The Metropolitan city of Haifa, Israel’s third largest city and is home to some of Israel’s heaviest industry and residents have long feared an incident which could endanger the northern port city.

Stop putting out fires: Adam Teva V’Din demands State Commission of Inquiry
The incident is yet another red flag that more needs to be done to protect the half a million residents living in the Haifa Bay. We refuse to wait for the next disaster and are calling for an immediate State Commission of Inquiry to investigate the conduct and operations of Bazan and other polluting industries in the Haifa Bay area.

Why are we demanding a State Commission of Inquiry?

  • Because more than half a million Haifa residents live in constant danger.
  • Because over 15 years of repeated failures, malfunctions and hazards are utter negligence.
  • Because current investigations and hearings take place behind closed doors.
  • Because a State Commission of Inquiry is transparent and open to the public.
  • Because history has proven that the recommendations of State Commissions can lead to meaningful change.

Time is of the essence: A ticking time bomb
It is imperative that a State Commission of Inquiry be established immediately, because plans to expand the oil refinery are currently in the works. If these plans are approved without a thorough investigation which takes into account all of the polluting factors in the Bay, it will be a recipe for disaster.

Holding polluters accountable
First steps have already been taken to reduce pollution in the Haifa Bay and protect the health, environment and quality of life of the city’s residents, but the recent blaze proves that much more needs to be done.

HELP US hold polluters and the government accountable in order to protect not only the residents of Haifa, but all Israeli families.

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