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A law is born

At Adam Teva V'Din, we carry out months of research and groundwork to draft practicable legislative proposals that are in line with environmental protection laws in force in the USA, the European Union and elsewhere. Our staff of lawyers and scientists take the concept for a new bill through the following stages:

·         Recognition of need for new law or amendment to existing law

·         Researching existing international and Israeli laws

·         Creating a model legal framework suitable to the Israeli context

·         Sharing the model with lawmakers, government officials and primary stakeholders and responding to feedback

·         Drafting the proposed bill and transferring it to lawmakers for promotion as a Private Member's bill

·         Collaborating with Ministry of Environment and/or other government agencies if our proposal is adopted as a Government Bill

·         Provision to Knesset committees of legal-scientific-social explanatory materials to educate and inform lawmakers who must approve a bill for entry into the parliamentary proces

Once a bill is approved for the legislative process, a parliamentary committee (usually the Interior & Environment Committee) will meet to review the bill and all its clauses. Members of the committee usually come from across the full political spectrum and during the review they are assisted by the Knesset's own legal advisors. During this phase (which takes weeks, months or even years), the committee chair will invite Adam Teva V'Din and other public interest representatives to provide explanations and guidance on specific elements of the bill.

The proposal goes forward for first reading in the Knesset plenary before returning to the committee for revisions and further review.  Second and third readings then follow, often at the same sitting, as the full body of the Knesset grants its approval. The Ministry of Justice will then publish the official version of the law; often, supplementary parliamentary sessions are necessary for promulgation of detailed regulations, etc. to facilitate implementation.


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