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Milestones at a glance



2012: Electronic Waste Recycling Law: Knesset approves a government bill based on our original draft.


2012: We publish the first report warning of the potential environmental impact of offshore gas drilling and call for stringent government oversight of the drilling.


2012: The government responds to our advocacy demands and compels Dead Sea Works to contribute to environmental remediation of the mineral extraction areas.


2012:  Thanks to our courtroom intervention, an independent agency will conduct environmental impact surveys at a pristine desert site slated for a tourism complex.


2012: After a decade of our legal & planning interventions and support for community efforts, Tel Aviv begins construction of a neighborhood park in Kiryat Sefer.


2012: We host Israel's first national conference on environmental justice, in partnership with the Environment Ministry and the City of Beersheba.


2012:  Court orders authorities to draft a long-term noise reduction plan to protect communities adjacent to a Galilee airport.


2012:  The Knesset approves the Pollution Release & Transfer Register Law, a government bill combining drafts by us and the Environment Ministry.


2012: After a decade of advocacy for cleaner water, the Knesset approves new drinking water standards.










2011: Knesset approves the Asbestos Clean-Up Law advocated for by us as an essential mechanism for ridding the Galilee of dangerous asbestos waste.


2011: Knesset approves the Packing Waste Reduction Bill, initiated and advocated for by us.


2011: Over a hundred urban planners and other stakeholders attend a seminar hosted by us to discuss the pitfalls of the government's proposal for planning reforms.


2011: High Court of Justice accepts our argument against the legality of shopping malls in agricultural communities.


2011: Over 500 members of Adam Teva V'Din volunteer to serve as public representatives on municipal councils


2011: Environment Ministry presents to the Knesset a Contaminated Sites Bill based on our original draft.


2011:  Residents of the low-income Florentin neighborhood secure additional green open spaces, thanks to our negotiations with the City of Tel Aviv.





2010:  Planning authorities agree to transform Palmachim Beach into a national park, after years of our legal interventions, pressure and public protests.


2010:  Modern sewage system is installed at the recognized Bedouin township of Keseife, thanks to legal intervention by us together with community representatives.


2010: Business as usual at Adam Teva V'Din after a fire destroys our offices. Thanks to modern technology, staff work from their homes until new premises are found.




2009: Supreme Court orders City of Jerusalem to move a polluting metals factory adjacent to an elementary school in East Jerusalem.


2009:  The High Court of Justice accepts our petition and orders the government to return $65 million to the Quarries Remediation Fund.


2009: Defense Ministry conducts environmental risk survey at Training Base City site in the Negev, in response to our appeal to the Supreme Court.


2009: Environment Ministry sets up asbestos clean-up authority in response to our legal actions with Galilee activists.





2008: The Knesset approves our draft legislation as a private members' bill and Israel's first Clean Air Law is launched.


2008:  We present Israel's first greenhouse gas reduction legislation to the Knesset.


2008: Our negotiations with the Mayor of Netanya and planning authorities increase the allocation of public open spaces in Kiryat Hasharon neighborhood.


2008: Our report on the failings of the Freedom of Information Law leads to revisions making data more accessible to the public.


2008:  Cooperation with the local residents and authorities in Tamra leads to improved environmental conditions in the Galilee Arab village.



2007: Haifa District Court rules in our favor: Nahariya cemetery cannot expand into the shoreline.


2007: We secure a court-mandated agreement forcing the Defense Ministry to remediate landscape damage caused by construction of a Negev air base.


2007:  Our negotiations secure new housing for Holocaust survivors living adjacent to a major new highway.


2007:  Thanks to our legal action, the City of Ashdod is forced to clean-up dozens of building waste dumps in new neighborhoods.


2007: Tel Aviv District court convicts Dan Region Sewage Authority for dumping 750 million gallons of raw sewage onto public beaches, in our 2003 lawsuit.



2006: After a long series of legal actions, a court-mandated agreement forces Haifa Chemicals to cease polluting the Kishon River.




2005: We reached agreement with the Sea & Sun apartment complex for rehabilitation of the beachfront and its restoration to the public domain.




2004: Our petition to the Supreme Court leads to changes in the Municipal Orders Law in 2007, and puts an end to efforts by municipalities to charge non-residents for admission to town parks.


2004: The Knesset approves the Coastline Protection Act, drafted by us in collaboration with SPNI. The law limits non-tourism related construction along the beachfront.




2003:  We file a criminal complaint against Makteshim-Agan for excessive emissions of hazard chemicals at Ramat Hovav.


2003:  Our negotiations on behalf of the disadvantaged community of Jizr el Zarka secures green open spaces for village children.


2003:  We publish Israel's first Environmental Poverty Report drawing attention to excessive air pollution in urban areas and at Ramat Hovav in the Negev.


2003:  Thanks to our petition to the High Court of Justice, the government launches a landfill tax to provide funds for building a recycling economy.




2002:  Our lawsuit forces operators to improve management of asbestos waste landfill adjacent to Sheikh Danun, Galilee. This is the first intervention to clean-up asbestos hazards.


2002: Planners accept our objections to rerouting the Gezer River, preserving it as a recreational area for Lod residents.


2002:  A plan to build an oil-fired private power station close to homes in Kiryat Shmonah is cancelled, after our legal intervention on behalf of the community.




2001:  We win our case in the High Court of Justice and the National Water Carrier is compelled to install filtration systems to reduce water turbidity.


2001:  Our two courtroom interventions force the Ministry of Defense and other agencies to implement clean up measures at a former Israel Military Industries site in Tel Aviv.


2001:  We publish a report criticizing plans to build artificial islands off the Mediterranean coast. Our survey of potential environmental damage and visual blight becomes a benchmark for opposition to the plan.




2000: We publish Israel's first Environmental Scorecard ranking Knesset Members' performance on environmental issues.


2000:  Thanks to advocacy by Adam Teva V'Din, the government adopts Europe 2000 low sulfar diesel fuel for vehicles.


2000: We sue the Keren Kayemet LeIsrael (JNF) for failure to submit forestry plans as required by law. Changes are implemented.




1999: Our lawsuit against 265 municipalities and the Environment Ministry for failing to implement 1998 recycling regulations. The move heralds the start of the 'recycling revolution'.




1997: Haifa District Court accepts our position that planning authorities erred in allowing construction of Carmel Beach Towers complex on the public beach. Construction is halted.




1996: Our legal interventions block the City of Tel Aviv's plans for a private marina and residential complex at the mouth of the Yarkon River. The area is now the city's most popular recreational area.


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