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Clean air: What we're doing now

Got a plan? The National Pollution Reduction & Prevention Program is the cornerstone of the Clean Air Act. It obliges the government to implement pollution reduction steps from January 1, 2012.

Unfortunately, the version approved (after 18 months delay due to budgetary wrangling) is drastically watered-down and underfunded.

The assault on the Plan by the Treasury may save government funds – but what's the cost to the health of our children?



We are calling on the Minister for Environmental Protection to present the National Plan to the Knesset (as the law requires) as soon as possible. This will give lawmakers and public interest advocates like Adam Teva V'Din a chance to hear how the government intends to use the Clean AIr Act  to reduce air pollution with a weakened National Plan and a reduced budget. 



What we've achieved


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