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Clean air: What we've achieved


In 2011, the High Court of Justice accepted our argument that the government was violating the law by failing to approve the National Pollution Reduction & Prevention Program and ordered the State to complete the process without further delay.


In 2008, the Knesset approved as a private member's bill the Clean Air Act, drafted and promoted by Adam Teva V'Din. The law brings Israel's historically fragmented air quality protection within a single, coherent framework administered.  The Clean Air Act is the most important environmental legislation in Israel of the last decade.


In 2001, we partnered with the USA's Environmental Protection Agency and Israel's Ministry for Environmental Protection in a two year assessment of air pollution health risks in Tel Aviv and Ashdod.  The study estimated that 1,100 people die each year from exposure to particulate pollution in the two cities.


Our advocacy persuaded the government to order the national oil refineries to produce low-sulfur diesel fuel standards for public transport and vehicle fleets, to align with the EU's Euro series of less-polluting fuels.


Our campaign against a series of pollution events (high sulfur dioxide and nitrogen levels) at the Hadera Rabin Power Station forced the Israel Electric Company to adopt advanced pollution prevention technologies.


A multi-year legal battle succeeded in blocking the government's plan to build an additional coal-fired power plant. We were able to demonstrate the health risks of particulate pollution from coal and showed that the plan contradicted the government's commitment to expanding Israel's renewable energy capacity.


What we're doing now





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