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Water: What we're doing now

The 2012 Drinking Water Standards – updated comprehensively for the first time since 1974 – set the stage for key changes in how the water in our taps is tested, monitored and delivered. We want all Israelis to feel confident that the cheapest and most accessible form of drinking water, tap water in the home, is safe. 



Because of Adam Teva V'Din's pivotal contributions to the development of the water standards, our water-watchdog role continues as public representatives. Our water scientist is a member of the government's Drinking Water Standards committee overseeing implementation of the new standards.


We're there to ensure transparency as the new standards are put into practice. We are working with the Ministry of Health to monitor and respond to health impacts on communities who receive most of their drinking water from desalination.


Our water scientist, Sarit Caspi-Oron shares her thoughts on desalination here. Take a look!



What we've achieved


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