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Water: What we've achieved


  In 2012, the Knesset approved the long-awaited revised Drinking Water Standards, advocated for by Adam Teva V'Din for over decade. The new standards include significant contributions by our water scientists.

Our advocacy from 2005-2010, including a petition to the High Court of Justice, compelled the Environmental Protection Ministry to set up new guidelines and regulations for management of underground storage tanks (USTs), thereby reducing frequent and severe water contamination incidents at gas stations and other industrial facilities.

Our legal actions in 2008 and 2009 resulted in court-mandated improvements in regulations remediating and reducing contamination of water resources arising from inadequate environmental monitoring of the national gasoline distribution network.

In 2007, our petition to the High Court of Justice brought about the government's introduction of a professional training program for gas-station managers and other personnel, in order to reduce contamination and over environmental hazards.

In 2005, our petition to the High Court of Justice broke a bureaucratic deadlock delaying implementation of new 'Inbar' wastewater treatment standards.  Our consistent advocacy helped ensure that regulations were promulgated in 2010 and that farmers could safely use cheap 'Inbar standard' wastewater in their fields, instead of fully-treated and costly drinking water. 

In 2001, we distributed a model report to help municipalities publish water quality data as required by law. This compelled the Interior Ministry to issue guidelines on how local authorities should publish data on drinking water, and our lawsuit against selected municipalities brought about nationwide compliance with the reporting requirements.


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