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Scientist, olah & mother speaks out

When I made Aliya from San Diego as a Berkley graduate in 1999, I was driven by the desire to create meaningful change in Israeli society. As I look back 14 years later, I’m pleased to say that Adam Teva V’Din has given me the opportunity to do just that!

Today, I am a committed environmental scientist, influencing public policy, as well as a proud mother of two.

I began my environmental career at the Israel National Water Co., but found myself frustrated by my inability to resolve the environmental problems I encountered with concrete, long-lasting solutions.  Five years ago, I jumped at the opportunity to join Adam Teva V'Din's expert group of attorneys and scientists. Sure, there were sacrifices to be made, including a salary cut, but it was worth it.
At Adam Teva V'Din, I finally feel that I can make a difference. It is inspiring to work with the people who bring about crucial health-related macro-policy changes, including the Clean Air Act and revised and stringent drinking water standards.


As a scientist and a mother, I am aware that my children growing up in Israel do not enjoy the same environmental safeguards as kids in California.
In Califonia, the law requires risk assessments to determine safe levels of pesticides for American children. In Israel, there is NO legally binding risk assessment process for pesticides whatsoever.

These stark lags in environmental health policies are unacceptable. It is inconceivable that in an age in which Israel strives to mirror U.S. and European standards in all realms of society - democracy, economy, industry and defense - striking regulatory gaps exist in the most basic sphere - our health.  


The time has come to close these legislative gaps. 
At Adam Teva V'Din, we believe that environmental health issues are sidelined far too often. We believe that the health of our children should arouse the same feelings of concern that political, economic and security challenges do.   
I know that Adam Teva V'Din can change how Israeli kids are protected from contamination. As a member of the team, I am proud to contribute to this change. Please express your shared belief in better protecting our families by contributing too. 
Adam Teva V'Din is the recognized ground-breaker in advancing basic and comprehensive environmental laws, like the Clean Air Act. We know how to demand concrete solutions and revolutionary reforms. 

We now demand to build a regulatory framework which will reduce exposure to pesticides and chemicals and will bring Israel to a par with American and European standards.With a proven track record, we are paving the way towards fundamental environmental health safeguards.
With sincere thanks,

Sarit Caspi-Oron
Environmental Scientist, Adam Teva V'Din

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