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Talking about pesticides at school


What's bugging the Israeli school?


Chen, a concerned mother from the central city of Herzliya, understands that the risks of pesticides are not confined to rural communities.


She is worried about municipal gardeners spraying chemical herbicides in her daughter’s kindergarten:



“I'd just dropped my 3 year-old daughter off at the kindergarten. She was about to dash off and join her friends when I clutched her hand, stopping her in her tracks. 


To my horror, I saw a gardener spraying chemical weed killers on the flowerbeds next to the sandpit where her friends were playing. When the teacher ordered him to leave the premises, he merely moved 300 feet away from the kindergarten and continued spraying. I was outraged.


How can he possibly use toxic chemicals at the same time our toddlers are running around the playground? Something needs to be done to prevent this sort of thing from happening again”.

Our pesticide survey confirms that 91% of the public is in favor of local authorities switching to non-chemical herbicides in urban areas.


Our proposed law will specifically address the subject of weed killers in the urban landscape- an issue which has been overlooked to date.

Read more on our proposed bill here.

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