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Talking about pesticides at work


What's bugging the Israeli work?


Rami Sadeh, a conventional farmer from the Negev, confesses that he is uncomfortable that his consumers don’t know what chemicals are used in the produce they buy.


Rami attended our ‘Talking about Pesticides’ conference where he shared his thoughts with us:



“As a farmer, I try to avoid using pesticides by using other farming methods such as netting and biological enemies whenever I can. But, if I have to choose between second-rate peppers, pumpkins and melons, I don’t think twice and use the pesticides. I don’t want to justify pesticide use, I want to reduce it".



"As a family man, I believe that my customers have a right to know what they are feeding their families. My kids are always my first customers. When its harvest time, they run between the rows of crops, looking for the reddest pepper to snack on. The law needs to catch up and make sure that farmers and supermarkets make this information available to the public - I'll be the first one to report”.    


Our proposed bill will establish a public pesticide database which will allow the public to know where and when pesticides have been used. 

Read more on our proposed bill here.

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