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New bill to reduce pesticide exposure

We are swiftly drafting a legislative bill aimed at reducing our families’ exposure to harmful pesticides in both rural and urban areas.

In a country as small as Israel, a large portion of agriculture takes place close to homes, schools and bus stops.


So, you’d imagine that there would be strict regulations for pesticide application regimes in order to keep Israelis safe from these toxic chemicals. However, current agricultural laws allow for the spraying of pesticides in dangerous proximity to residential areas, schools and community centers.


Our proposed law will safeguard your children’s health by:


  Determining appropriate times for pesticides and herbicides to be sprayed, taking into account school and bus times.
  Providing residents and by passers with advanced notification and clearly marking the sprayed area with warning signs.
  Setting buffer zones between agricultural fields and homes and schools.
  Establishing a comprehensive public pesticide database which will let you know what, where and how often pesticides are sprayed in your neighborhood.
  Increasing accountability and enforcement of anyone responsible for pesticide use (including municipalities and farmers) by publishing detailed pesticide records.
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