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Talking about pesticides

Over 400 fumigators, farmers, parents, university professors and health care professionals came from all corners of the country to discuss what worries them about pesticide use in Israel in our public conference, “Talking about Pesticides”.



The innovative open dialogue, co-hosted by Adam Teva V’Din, the Environment and Health Fund and Tel Aviv University Hartog Scool of Government and Policy, was the first time that the public could candidly share their anxieties regarding pesticide usage in Israel. 


“The conference triggered a real dialogue with the public,” says Daphna Shalev-Korenblit, attorney working on our Chemicals of Concern project. “We refuse to be kept in the dark anymore. We want more information on this subject – information you don’t need a PhD in chemistry in order to understand”.


What's bugging the Israeli public?


Among the participants were Deborah, Chen and Rami. 

Take a moment to read their thoughts and concerns at home, at school and at work:



At home




At school




At work



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