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What's worrying the Israeli public?

It is inevitable - farmers need to protect their crops from ravenous pests. However, the chemical pesticides which they use don’t always remain in the fields where they were intended.



They mingle in the air; drift across playgrounds and through kitchen and classroom windows. Therefore, there is a growing concern among the Israeli public that they are not sufficiently protected from chemical pesticides.


Adam Teva V’Din recently asked the public what worries them the most about pesticide usage. More than 1,000 people answered our public opinion survey and confessed that the spraying of chemical agents near homes, schools and parks is at the top of their worry list.


  75 % of the respondents mistrust the effectiveness of the local authorities to enforce existing safety measures.
54% reported a lack of confidence in the current law’s ability to protect public health from pesticide exposure.

In a country as small as Israel, a large portion of agriculture takes place close to homes, schools and bus stops. So, you’d imagine that there would be strict regulations for pesticide application regimes in order to keep Israelis safe from these toxic chemicals. However, current agricultural laws allow for the spraying of pesticides in dangerous proximity to residential areas, schools and community centers.


In response to these concerns, we have drafted a legislative bill aimed at reducing our families’ exposure to harmful pesticides in both rural and urban areas. Keep reading about our bill.

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