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Water: Learning from Israel's experience

"As California and other parts of the U.S. struggle with severe drought, my take-home message to my family and friends who are dealing with water shortages is to first conserve your water. Then reuse and recycle your sewage," says Sarit Caspi-Oron, our water scientist and San Diego native.

Today 85% of the water that runs through Israeli sinks, washing machines and showers is recycled and used in agriculture. This is thanks to Adam Teva V'Din's petition to the High Court of Justice to pass special wastewater treatment standards.


Desalination: A solution to Israel's water issues? Take it with a pinch of salt


"Remember that desalination should be taken with a pinch of salt," says Sarit. "It uses huge amounts of energy, drives up water rates and harms sea life. It should be used as a last resort".




The New York Times recently examined Israel's response to water shortages in light of California's drought. Both Sarit and Dr. Boaz Mayzel, our marine biologist, contributed to the article. Read the NYT article here!


Adam Teva V'Din: Israel's Water Watchdogs


Will desalinated water affect our health?

Protecting our health:

As public interest representatives on the government's Drinking Water Standards Committee, we are working with the Ministry of Health to monitor and respond to health impacts on communities who receive most of their drinking water from desalination.

Protecting our sea:

Our new Marine Management Bill, which is currently making its journey through the Knesset, calls to monitor the long-term environmental effects of desalination on marine life.

Want to learn more? Read more about our work on water issues here.

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