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2013 - A year in review


Amit Bracha, Adv.
Executive Director

Let’s be honest, 2013 has been a somewhat frustrating and discouraging year for Israeli civil society.

But, as always, we believe that it is our duty to speak out when we feel that government policies and commercial interests jeopardize Israel’s democratic character and moral core. And that’s exactly what we’ve done again this year.

But we haven’t done it alone. Your continued commitment and confidence in our work has spurred us on to ensure that Israel remains true to the Jewish and democratic values upon which it was founded.


As always, we understand and appreciate the broad implications environmental concerns have on all spheres of Israeli society: socially, economically and politically.

It is for this reason that all of the issues on our agenda for 2013 have directly addressed the environmental concerns which are inherently interlinked with the average Israeli citizen’s social well-being.


We invite you to meet our dedicated team and relive the exhaustive endeavors and impressive accomplishments of Adam Teva V’Din through the eyes of the people who made them happen.


It is only thanks to your generosity and unwavering belief in our work that we have brought about a renowned record of paradigm changing reforms, which has influenced decision-makers as well as the personal lives of average Israelis.

We greatly appreciate your past generosity, support and encouragement which has been crucial to our successes. However, as you know, our work never ends.

We need your help now to make certain that the legally binding standards, for which we have fought so hard together, are upheld. We need your help now to inspect and scrutinize new frontiers which shape the lives of our families.

Together, we can make Israel a healthier, safer and more fitting place to raise our families.


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