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Natural resource management

Dana Tabachnick, Adv.
Economy & Environment

Following security and defense matters, the Iranian nuclear program and national elections, the public debate surrounding the natural gas export policy was the most highly contested issue of 2013.


A household name

Dana Tabachnick (34), head of our Economy and Environment department, has become recognized as the leader of the public campaign for the responsible and just management of Israel’s natural gas.


“I am proud that our work on this vital issue of national concern has showcased Adam Teva V’Din’s holistic capabilities which have contributed to our reputation as the country’s no. one environmental watchdog”, says Tabachnick. “We have worked hard on all of our signature frontiers: legislation, litigation, scientific expertise and raising public awareness and engagement.”

Her active involvement in this highly profiled public debate has made her instantly recognizable in the media and legal forums. Her professional opinion has been sought out by respected Government Commissions, Knesset hearings and numerous local media channels. She also argued our petition before a panel of seven Supreme Court Justices sitting as the High Court of Justice. (Click here to see timeline of activity).


Every attorney’s dream

“Arguing a case before an extended bench of Supreme Court Judges is every attorney’s dream, especially when it is a case you passionately believe in”, reflects Dana. “I have experienced both the public and commercial sectors, having worked at the Offices of the Attorney General, Jerusalem District Attorney, as well as at the Israel Securities Authority and other private law firms. But now working at Adam Teva V’Din for the past four years truly has allowed me to tackle real problems at the core. We are at the crux of shaping the policies which will affect the bank account, health and security of every Israeli.”


The time is now

“Transparency, public participation, renewable energy economy- these are no longer abstract terms and hypothetical scenarios. Israel is in danger of missing the window of opportunity to harness the economic and social prospects created by the natural gas. It is our job to give the Government a wake-up call before it is too late.


As an avid traveler, I’ve seen for myself how developing countries recklessly misuse and mistreat their natural resources. With a limited supply of natural resources, Israel cannot afford to do the same. We cannot turn a blind eye to the intergenerational consequences of mismanagement of our natural reserves. We have to think ahead. Israel needs to invest the substantial revenues in the development of renewable and cost-efficient energy sources. What is taken from the environment must be returned to the environment.”


The Marker, Israel’s leading business journal, recently titled Dana as one of the 40 leading Israeli professionals under 40.

“We are incredibly proud that Dana’s tremendous contribution has been publically recognized.

She truly deserves the title as one of the brightest Israelis of her generation. We are proud to have her on board!”

-Amit Bracha, Executive Director


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