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Chemicals of concern

Sarit Caspi Oron
Environmental scientist

“Adam Teva V’Din gets things done. Members of our field acknowledge and appreciate that we are able to move proverbial mountains to make changes at policy levels. It was this proactive, go get ‘em approach which drew me to Adam Teva V’Din in the first place”, says Sarit Caspi-Oron, environmental scientist.

“It is also for this reason that we were approached last year by the Environmental Health Fund (EHF), a fund committed to advancing environmental health in Israel. EHF chose to partner with us to realize their goal: to confront the environmental health challenges facing the average Israeli. Together we launched Chemicals of Concern, an initiative which aims to develop a practical regulatory framework to decrease Israeli families’ exposure to chemicals in their everyday lives.” 

Chemicals of Concern is a two-year multi-disciplinary project headed by two attorneys and two scientists.

From the outset, we decided to focus on the most sensitive and susceptible population - our children. And due to the fact that pesticide residues in food and produce pose the greatest threat to children, we chose this subject matter as our starting point.

Under-informed and under-protected

“Coming from California, I have seen for myself how much Israel lags behind U.S. and European standards when it comes to environmental health issues. The comparative research we are currently conducting only highlights just how big this legislative gulf really is. The fact is that Israelis are under-informed and under-protected, especially when it comes to the health of our children.”


For the first time our Green Alert center received tens of inquiries related to pesticide use (both spraying practices and pesticides in the food chain).


The appeals were in response to the publication of our 2nd report on pesticides in fruit.


Daphna Shalev, Adv.
Health & environment

Our right to know

“Getting our hands on the data and information from relevant Government Ministries is not always easy and is usually as a result of requests under the Freedom of Information Act”, comments Daphna Shalev, one of the attorneys working on the project.

 “In today’s democracy, we are entitled to transparent information by law. Furthermore the public craves to know more about how these common chemicals affect their health and how to protect themselves. We are therefore doing our best to translate the scientific jargon and figures into comprehensible and accessible information for the general public.”


We now demand to build a regulatory framework which will reduce exposure to pesticides and chemicals and will bring Israel to a par with American and European standards. With a proven track record, we are paving the way towards fundamental environmental health safeguards.

Shalev: “Adam Teva V’Din is breaking new ground in the field of legislative reforms for environmental health. We are the first environmental NGO in Israel to tackle this issue. This is a fantastic opportunity to promote transparency, public participation and awareness on environmental matters which affect us all.”

Our active involvement in this thriving field allows us to cultivate connections and collaborations with stakeholders and learn from our international counterparts in order to effectively create meaningful change at all levels. We recently became members of HEAL (Health & Environment Alliance), a leading international non-profit, in order to learn from parallel EU models. We have also agreed on cooperation with the Standard Institution of Israel (SII) as well as the main commercial enterprise conducting laboratory testing and evaluation for supermarket chains.

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