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Solid waste management

Gilad Ostrovsky
Solid waste & recycling

Our vision is becoming reality: regulatory obligations, economic investment, recycling and recovery – and new job opportunities.

Economic investment in e-waste

When we began advocating for an end solution for discarded electronic goods (computers, mobile phones, televisions and videos and domestic appliances), we were met with skepticism from all sides. We worked closely with the Manufacturers' Association and other business leaders to bring them on board; last year our draft legislative bill was adopted by the government as the Electronic Waste Recycling Law (2012).

This was the green light the corporate world needed in order to make economic investment in e-waste recycling. Right now, two recycling centers are under construction. We're still working with stakeholders during the crucial early stages of the law. 


Solidifying solid waste management 


Packaging waste Law (2011)
 E-waste Law (2012)

Workshops and training for recycling sector: unicipalities, stakeholders, recycling agents

Asaf Rosenblum, Adv. talks about solid waste & environmental justice here


Another tangible milestone in the recycling revolution:  Tel Aviv City is the latest municipality to distribute orange trash cans for neighborhood collection of packaging waste. Gilad Ostrovsky: "We've pushed for the Orange Trash Can in order to make it easy for households to separate their waste. Congratulations to Tel Aviv for getting on board!"


Orange trash cans for packaging waste in Tel Aviv
Photo credit: Tel Aviv Municipality


Building waste plague


The illegal dumping of building waste in Israel accounts for one third of all recorded environmental offenses, according to a Green police report.


Ostrovsky: “Our greatest frustration this year has been the delay in approving regulation allowing local authorities to take over the collection and disposal of building waste. Thanks to pressure from the Union of Local Authorities who want this change, the bill is up for final review right now. It’s fair to say that pirate dumping and inefficient use of resources continue to be environmental problems of great magnitude. It’s time to empower and oblige the local authorities to clean up the building waste plague.”

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