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Getting Israelis on board & online

Yael Edelist,
Communications Director

Chen Offek,
Israeli members & donors

Major outreach goals for 2013: 


Get more Israelis to support our cause!


Get more Israelis to donate to our work!


10,000 LIKES on Facebook!


30,000 supporters!


“Israelis are generous with their charitable giving (Tzdeka) when it comes to obvious causes like needy or sick children. But unlike in the USA, there is no tradition of philanthropic giving to organizations that are fighting for more intangible causes like environmental protection.

Our challenge for the year was to use social media to reach as many Israelis as possible, engage with them and them convert their support into concrete contributions on a regular basis.

And our tactics are working: we already have over 10,000 followers on Facebook and on a daily basis we are talking with Israelis who care about our advocacy.  When we shared the news of the Sasgon court case on Facebook, we received $3,000 from Israelis who wanted to help.  I'm convinced we're on the right track.”

-Yael Edelist, Communications Director


“My job as manager of our membership program was to re-brand all of our outreach media in a friendly, colorful and lively way that shows our appreciation of members and encourages new supporters to come on board. 


Members pitched in with their own photos which we use in our branding. We've added a new option for monthly recurring donations as a great way for people to show their ongoing commitment without hassle.  Already, our database of email contacts exceeds 30,000!”
- Chen Offek,

Coordinator of Israeli members & donors


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