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Environmental justice & solid waste management

 Asaf Rosenblum, Adv.
Solid waste & recycling

Environmental hazards don’t heed to political borders, government dictates or social class.

“No separation wall, no matter how tall or how fortified, can prevent the unwanted environmental exchange of air pollution and contaminated water from either side of the fence”, comments Asaf Rosenblum, attorney and specialist in solid waste management.


The boomerang effect

“Over the years, Adam Teva V’Din has witnessed the troubling epidemic of trash smuggling, including building waste, from Israel to illegal dumping sites over the Green Line. What’s worse is that Israelis are underhandedly polluting their own environment.


The pirated garbage is burnt in Area B, an area where Israel has no authority to enforce environmental laws. The air and water pollution have a boomerang effect and harm neighboring Israeli cities such as Pardes Hana, Binyamina, Zichron Ya’akov.”

In his report in 2011, the State Comptroller reinforced our concern and advised that defense authorities, IDF, Civil Administration and police force, together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection act forcefully to remedy this abuse.


Adam Teva V’Din demanded that the relevant authorities put a stop towards this violation of environmental justice. We were integral in overseeing the coordination of the relevant parties from the defense, recycling and government sectors.


Now, because of our perseverance and determination to curtail this blatant violation of environmental justice, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has established the David Unit- a new unit responsible for preventing the illegal transfer of solid waste into the West Bank. The unit, comprising of 10 inspectors, will be stationed at military checkpoints at the entrances to Judea and Samaria and will enforce this illegal activity for the first time in 46 years.


Protecting Israel’s recycling sector

“Trash smuggling is an extremely troubling phenomenon and we are glad that it’s receiving attention. Recently, we’ve seen a steady drop in the amount of building waste brought to legal landfills, proving that the waste is being taken elsewhere- through IDF check-posts to pirate landfills in the West Bank.”


Not only is this a criminal offense and grave environmental hazard for both Israelis and Palestinians, it also undermines and weakens the recycling industry within Israel’s borders.

“We have to remember that Israel’s recycling revolution is still in its developing stages. Each year, the State invests millions of shekels to ensure its continued evolution. Smuggling of this kind is a serious blow to this developing industry and a massive waste of State resources.”  


“We applaud the establishment of this important unit and are proud to have played a key role in its formation. Our active involvement in this field reflects our goal to advance and protect Israel’s growing recycling sector as well as uphold basic environmental rights for people both inside and outside Israel’s borders.”  

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