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Chemicals at home


Chemicals in food & consumer products:


Current regulations leave Israeli kids under-protected from pesticides in their food and from harmful substances in other consumer products.


Parents assume, incorrectly, that the food and items they purchase are 'cleared' for safe consumption. 

Regulatory responsibility and oversight are split between two main government agencies (Ministries of Health and of Agriculture), which leads to conflicting positions and budgetary battles. Israel has no laws mandating health risk assessments and there is no national bio-monitoring program to provide long-term data that should inform policies and practices.


Our kids are not only ingesting dangerous chemicals, they are breathing them too. Chemical pesticides don't always stay in the fields where they belong. They invade our homes by drifting through kitchen and bedroom windows.


Distrubingly, current agricultural laws allow for the spraying of pesticides in dangerous proximity to our homes.


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