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Chemicals in the playground




Chemicals in the neighborhood:


Israel has no law like the Superfund law that has removed toxic chemicals from thousands of acres of real estate in the USA.


With the current government under pressure to produce new housing quickly, there is a real danger that former Israel Military Industries sites (where military hardware, weapons and munitions were manufactured over the last half century) will be released to the real estate market. 

Planning procedures are already advanced in regard to building homes and schools for 60,000 families at such a site in Ramat Hasharon, just north of Tel Aviv.


Yet a Contaminated Sites Remediation bill is stuck in the Knesset due to inter-agency wrangling and the Treasury's fears that the State (the original polluter) will have to pay the bill for removing contaminants.


No action has been taken on a recent survey showing high levels of toxic gases in existing properties bordering the proposed Ramat Hasharon building site despite concerns of local residents.


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