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Improved waste management in Bedouin sector

We are continuing our role as environmental watchdogs to ensure that recognized Bedouin communities receive basic waste treatment services.



We are happy to report that waste management in recognized Bedouin villages is significantly improving.


Until recently, recognized Bedouin townships lived without trash cans and proper waste collection systems. Families resorted to burning domestic trash.


The village of Umm Batin, in the Northern Negev, is the first to receive modern waste treatment facilities through a State-funded Environmental Justice Program. However, funding for other villages has been suspended for a year. We investigated the log-jam and together with our partner AJEEC  (the Negev Institute),  a high profile Jewish-Bedouin NGO, pressured the Ministry of Environment to release funds to other townships. During a recent visit to the field, we received assurances that funding has been indeed been released to other villages. We will continue to watchdog and will update on the situation on the ground. 



 “We were encouraged to see modern waste treatment in Umm Batin, including underground waste bins and anaerobic digestion facilities, which convert domestic waste into usable cooking gas and fertilizer. We will make sure that Umm Batin is the first in a line of Bedouin townships to benefit from these facilities.”  – Orly Ariav, Adv., head of Environment and Community   

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