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Rehabilitating Hebron Stream

We are petitioning the High Court of Justice to demand the expansion of a sewage plant needed to treat the polluted Hebron Stream which runs through Bedouin and Jewish watershed communities.  




The residents of recognized Bedouin villages and Jewish communities face serious health and environmental hazards caused by the polluted Hebron Stream, which runs from the West Bank into Israel. The river flows with industrial sewage and dangerous chemicals from factories in Hebron and Kiryat Arba, causing stench, mosquito infestations, ground water pollution and other environmental and health hazards. The Shoket Waste Water Treatment Plant, which treats sewage for the whole region, is ill equipped to handle the volume of waste and fails to treat the pollution.


We have joined a multi-party petition to the High Court of Justice (together with the city of Beer Sheva and other Arab and Jewish local councils) to demand that the treatment plant be upgraded in order to reduce the pollution inflicted on these watershed communities. . 



“The river runs through the heart of our village. It reeks from pollution and raw sewage. When people see how polluted it is, they dump their trash there too. My kids have to pass the river everyday to get to the school on the opposite river bank.”

 - Salame, resident of Umm Batin

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