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Waste management in Shuafat, East Jerusalem

We are preparing a petition to the High Court of Justice on behalf of residents of Shuafat in East Jerusalem, where the city fails to dispose of garbage in the densely populated neighborhood.



The neighborhood of Shuafat, in East Jerusalem, has suffered from prolonged neglect. Despite the separation fence which surrounds the neighborhood, Shuafat is under the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem Municipality. Although residents pay municipal taxes, they do not receive basic services entitled to all Jerusalem residents. Garbage collection has been outsourced by the municipality by a tender, resulting in lower budgets and lack of oversight. The neighborhood is swamped with piles of accumulated garbage. As a result, garbage is either burned or residents are forced to pay for collection at their own expense. This is a severe sanitation hazard and direct damage to the residents’ quality of life.


Several years ago, we worked together with concerned Shuafat parents and succeeded to close a polluting metals factory adjacent to a school. Today, we are representing residents before the High Court of Justice to demand that the Jerusalem Municipality uphold their duty to provide them with basic sanitation services.



“Shuafat is completely cut off from the rest of Jerusalem. The Municipality knows where to find us for the taxes we owe, but not for the services we are entitled to receive.”

- Jamil, resident of Shuafat



“The funds allocated for garbage disposal in Shuafat are significantly lower than those designated to garbage collection in West Jerusalem. This is another symptom of the systematic neglect. We are working closely with the community. They are our eyes and ears in the field and are mapping out the number of garbage containers and how often they are emptied. Their important testimony is central to our petition to the High Court of Justice.”

- Orly Ariav, Adv., head of Environment and Community  

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