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Cross-border pollution from Tul Karem industrial zone

We are taking legal action to stop pollution from an illegally operated, Israeli-owned industrial zone on the outskirts of Tul Karem, West Bank.



Over a year ago, we filed a formal planning objection against the retroactive approval of an illegally operated industrial zone in the West Bank. The Israeli owners of the factories seek approval to expand their activities. As the polluting industrial zone operates over the Green Line, the factories are not required to comply with Israel’s environmental standards. No operating permits have been granted. No environmental assessments have been conducted. The lack of enforcement of Israel’s basic environmental standards is causing severe contamination of the soil and groundwater and poses severe health risks to the neighboring residents, both Arab and Jewish.


After a year of foot-dragging, the Planning Committee has accepted our objection. However, even though future expansion was conditioned on environmental surveys, no steps have been taken and the polluting factories continue business as usual. We are now turning to the court to halt activities through an injunction.



 “It’s a question of double standards and environmental injustice. If the factories were on the other side of the Green Line, they would never be allowed to operate in these conditions.”
– Yael Dori, Urban Planner
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