Adam Teva V'Din - The lawyers of Israel's environment
A healthy, worthy and quality environment can only exist as part of a healthy and democratic society. A society that cares for the weak, for mutual guarantee between human beings, for our personal security in the public space, for accessibility for people with disabilities in the public space, for infrastructure that will allow us to live a modern life, is also a society that cares about a proper environment. The environment is part of the democratic social story

Leading change in legislation and policy with legal, scientific and public tools.

The organization was established out of a belief in the close connection between four anchors: environment, society, health and economy – and focuses its work on protecting environmental human rights, creating adequate regulation that allows protection of quality of life and public health, along with strengthening the democratic right of every individual to participate in the process. Making decisions that affect his life.

Our environment is at risk. Lack of long-term planning and investment in infrastructure, while encouraging population growth, threatens our environment, quality of life and public health.

We work to preserve the environment and ensure that our children continue to enjoy it in the future.