Frequently asked questions

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The organization

When was Adam Teva V’Din founded?

In 1990, by Alon Tal and other young Israelis and Americans who wanted to use their training in law, science and urban planning to protect Israel’s environment and natural resources, in line with the US models of environmental advocacy pioneered by EDF-Environmental Defense Fund and by NRDC-Natural Resources Defense Council.

Who finances your activities?

Adam Teva V’Din is funded by philanthropic foundations and donors from the USA, Europe and the UK, as well as by individual Israeli donors. We do not accept government grants or commercial funding. 

Is Adam Teva V’Din apolitical?

The organization is completely apolitical with no affiliation to any political party. We promote the environmental rights of all Israelis, regardless of their politics.

How is Adam Teva V’Din different from other environmental organizations?

Our work is rooted in our professionalism. We are lawyers, scientists and urban planners with years of experience in our respective fields. We believe that the combination of legal expertise and solid science is the basis of our success.


Do you give lectures?
Yes, we try to engage with the public on all issues that interest them. Contact us at, and we’ll see what we can do.

How can I keep up to date with what Adam Teva V’Din is working on?
We send a newsletter to our supporters at least twice a month. Make sure you’ve signed up! 


Is my donation to Adam Teva V’Din eligible for tax deduction?
Yes, we are a recognized association for the purpose of receiving a tax refund under section 46 of Israel’s Tax Ordinance.

Is it possible to volunteer with Adam Teva V’Din?
We welcome volunteers who can contribute to our programs through research, writing, translation, etc. We advertise on Facebook whenever there’s an opportunity coming up.

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