Natural resources

Natural resources - for us and for the coming generations
Israel's natural resources include natural gas, minerals and oil shale. Natural resources are public property from which the general public can benefit. Adam Teva V'Din is working to promote sustainable uses of natural resources, to insure that their availability to future generations.

Promoting sustainable use of natural resources, for the benefit of future generations.

Israel’s natural resources are owned by the public. The State is a public trustee only, and has a duty to protect and ensure optimal utilization.

Over the years, the State of Israel has given, and continues to give, control of our natural resources to a small group of industrial investors, without any strategic plan for the resources or the long-term needs of the national economy. Unique natural resources like the Dead Sea are being exploited for their commercial value, and they are rapidly disappearing.

Adam Teva V’Din has promoted for many years sustainable management and regulation of natural resources, from the Dead Sea, as well as natural gas, gravel and minerals.

We have worked with the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Examination of Government Policy on Natural Gas in Israel (Plant Committee) and the Committee for the Examination of Fiscal Policy on Oil and Gas Resources in Israel (Sheshinsky Committee) and the Committee for Determining the State’s National National Resources (Sheshinsky Committee 2). The focus of all these committees is limited to fiscal management and development, with no reference to the longevity and natural value of the country’s resources.

Natural resources are not only an economic asset to be utilized according to the laws of supply and demand. Some are national and strategic assets, not be sold off to the highest bidder. We hold that consideration of the needs of the state and the preservation of the environment outweigh economic considerations such as exporting, increasing competitiveness or any other consideration that considers these resources from the monetary aspect only.